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It’s rare to find a classic and timeless appearance in materials outside of wood. Whether your style is contemporary and cutting edge, or of a more traditional character, wood blinds can bring a room together like few others. Shades Plus offers the highest quality wood blinds backed with our complimentary installation so you get it right the first time.

Why Choose Wood Blinds? 

The Look

There’s just something to the warm look of wood. It’s pleasing to the eye, comforting, and can turn even the most brightly lit places into cozy abodes. Wood blinds can easily match your style or provide a classy accent to any room.


Wood blinds are most commonly made from basswood, but you can also find them in bamboo, cherry, and oak. These materials make even the thinnest blinds hearty and difficult to break. Wood blinds can withstand tens of thousands of opening and closings as well as regular cleaning.


Wood blinds are not only great at completely blocking light, but wood as a material is an excellent insulator. The wood used in blinds has microscopic air pockets that help it retain the temperature of the surrounding area. This helps to keep your room just the right temperature, and in the long run, it may help you save on your electric bill.

Are You Looking for Wood Blinds in West Palm Beach, FL?

With Shades Plus, you will never have to compromise style for functionality. We can help you find the right blinds for any room.

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