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French doors and large windows can be difficult to shop for if you are set on having blinds in your home. If you are looking to cover a large space with a stylish option, you have to go with vertical blinds. Shades Plus offers a wide selection of vertical blinds that are practical and functional without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

Benefits of Vertical Blinds


When we talk about practicality, we are not just referring to how well vertical blinds can cover a large space. They are also easy to replace. Whereas shades almost always need a complete replacement when they get damaged, vertical blinds come in individual pieces. That means if one gets damaged, you can simply buy a single panel.

Easy to Use

No complicated mechanisms or hard-to-reach sliders. Vertical blinds are very simple to operate, often requiring just one or two chords to open them and slide them to one side or the other. This makes them easy to adjust to your preference.

Stress-Free Maintenance

Vertical blinds are notoriously easy to clean. You don’t have to do any thorough scrubbing as they are unlikely to absorb much of the dirt and debris around your house. Most of the time just a few quick passes with a duster are enough to get them back to top shape.

Are You Looking for Vertical Blinds in West Palm Beach, FL?

Shades Plus has you covered with our sophisticated vertical blinds. Whether you need to cover a large doorway, or you have tall windows around your house, vertical blinds present one of the most convenient options out there.

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