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The plantation shutter has been a staple in home design for hundreds of years, and for good reason. Few other window covering options provide the same level of elegance and functionality as shutters do. Shutters are timeless pieces that offer many benefits beyond their look. Shades Plus can help you find the right shutter design for you and install custom-made pieces that fit your need.

Benefits of Shutters


Our shutters can be manufactured from real or faux wood depending on your requirements. We also offer hidden tilts for those simple and modern inclinations, or exposed tilt for a more classic look. Shutters are perfectly suited for any room in the house – from a window overlooking a bathtub, to covering a large French door in your living room.


Although plantation shutters are more expensive than other window covering options, they offer certain value benefits that are unmatched. For starters, it is widely understood that adding plantation shutters to a home increases its value! Because they are customized to the home, people specifically look for them. Additionally, shutters are energy efficient, keeping the house warm during the winter and cool during the summer. This means savings on your energy bill!


Many shades and blinds don’t respond well to the regular wear and tear of cleaning and sun exposure over the years. Shutters on the other hand are very resistant to moisture and changes in temperature.

Want Plantation Shutters for Your West Palm Beach Home? 

You’re in the right place! Despite their cost, shutters are a worthwhile investment that no one regrets making. Shades Plus can help you find the right size and style to get the most out of your shutters.

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