Window treatments serve two purposes – the functional purpose of providing privacy, and the aesthetic purpose of making your home beautiful. Our window covering options can do both thanks to their versatility and wide range of styles. Shades Plus is your premier provider of high-quality shades. After all, it’s in our name.

Why Choose Shades for My Home? 

Style for Days

Many people think of shades as just different types of cloth to cover our windows, but the truth is that there are so many styles to choose from, all with their uniquely beautiful qualities. Whether you want to go with the classic and sleek look of roller shades, or perhaps with the touch of traditional personality of Roman shades, you are sure to find an option to match your style.

Versatile Designs

It’s not just how many unique design options are out there, but also about what they each bring to the table. While banded shades combine sheer and thick cloth for an alternating light and dark view, woven wood shades bring a rustic and semi-opaque look. Every style of shade provides a fresh look all suited for a different flair.


Shades in general tend to be much cheaper than blind, although that, of course, depends on the type of material. However, the sheer number of options available means you are bound to find one that matches what you are looking for without going over your budget.

Need Shades for Your Home in West Palm Beach, FL?

Quality products and stylish design, that’s what Shades Plus is all about. If you are looking to take your design game to the next level with window shades, we are the place to go.

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