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We often overcomplicate design because we see interesting colors and unique curves. However, current trends are heading in a new direction, one that recognizes the beauty to be found in simplicity. Perhaps that’s the reason the elegant design of roller shades has always been popular but more so in recent years. Shades Plus strives to keep you at the forefront of home design with our high-quality roller shades.

Why Choose Roller Shades for Your Home?

Personalized Simplicity

So many people wouldn’t love roller shades if they all looked the same. Despite the simple design, you actually have several options to customize your roller shades. You can choose from a wide range of colors as well as the thickness of the fabric to select your preferred level of opacity.

Easy to Use

Roller shades come in several models that are all easy to operate. There are no complicated mechanisms! You can simply pull down the shade until it locks in place before pulling it again to roll it open. Other models come with a chord and there are even motorized options.

Uncompromising Views

Roller shades are custom made to fit any window in your house. That means that when you have them closed, they can completely block out the sun and outside views. However, when they are opened, they roll all the way up, completely exposing your window without blocking your view in any way.

Do You Need Roller Shades in West Palm Beach, FL?

Roller shades is the perfect example of why sometimes less is more. At Shades Plus, we have an extensive selection sure to match your style and we even offer design advice if you need it. Call us today to learn more!

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