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Artistry rarely meets functionality in home design. Sometimes what we find aesthetically pleasing just doesn’t quite serve a functional purpose. Pirouette shades challenge this preconception with a revolutionary design that blends the fabric with the look of floating blinds. Shades Plus aims to be at the forefront of home design and we are excited to offer pirouettes to our clients.

Enhance Your Home with Pirouette Shades

Uniquely Beautiful

Pirouettes are unlike any other window treatment in the market. They combine retractable fabric blinds with a sheer fabric backdrop, all hanging from a single bracket component. This creates the illusion that the shades are floating in thin air when they are opened for a unique and breathtaking appearance.

Best of Both Worlds

When the shades are opened, the sheer backdrop dims the light enough to prevent people from being able to easily see into your home from the outside. This is done without compromising the natural light. When they’re closed, pirouette shades completely block out the sun for a dark and intimate shift to any room.

A Step Toward a Smarter Home

Pirouette shades are not only strikingly beautiful, but they also offer other benefits that make them very appealing. These shades prevent harmful UV rays from entering your home and are also energy efficient. Furthermore, pirouette shades can also be installed with motorized brackets you can program with your smartphone, for seamless opening and closing.

Ready to Enhance Your Interior Design with Pirouette Shades in West Palm Beach, FL?

At Shades Plus, we are always looking ahead to the latest, cutting-edge styles. Let us help you take your home to the next level with pirouette shades.

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