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For many years, if you wanted to cover up a large window or door, you would have been relegated to the classic vertical blind. However, today we have a wider array of fabrics and design options available. As part of these changes to the home design industry, panel track blinds have risen as a bold new alternative to the simple vertical blind. At Shades Plus, we can lend our eye for home design to help you find the right color and style of panel track to bring your room together.

What’s So Special About Panel Track Blinds?

Innovative Design

Traditional vertical blinds come with many slats that move in cohesion. Panel track blinds come with fewer, much larger slats, and depending on the mode, they move independently from each other. This gives them a simpler and simultaneously a more striking appearance that stands out in any room.


Aside from their unique look, panel track blinds are notably different from other options because of all the contexts in which they can be used. Although they are primarily used to cover large entryways, they also make excellent window shades, alternatives to closet doors, and even beautiful room dividers.

Easy to Maintain

One of the biggest headaches that come with certain blinds or shades is how difficult they can be to clean. Luckily, panel track blinds are super easy to maintain and because the slats are wider than other alternatives, it requires less effort to clean each one.

Interested in Buying Panel Track Blinds in West Palm Beach, FL?

It’s time to make a statement in your home with our high-quality panel track blinds. Trust Shades Plus to find the right window treatment options to make your vision a reality.

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