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For many years, metal blinds got a bad reputation as something you would find in a construction foreman trailer or in a corporate office. Home designers steered clear from this option but thanks to innovative design and color options, modern precious metal blinds are making a strong comeback. Shades Plus will help imbue your home with subtle sophistication delivered by our sleek modern precious metal blinds.

Why Choose Precious Metal Blinds

More Color Options

Metal lends itself well to coloring, much more so than other materials. For that reason, they are available in a much wider range of finishes from the color spectrum. Modern precious metal blinds are versatile enough to fit in any room and with our extensive color options, you are sure to find them in your style.

Superior Privacy

Because metal is easier to mold in such a way that the slats perfectly interlock with each other, they provide a higher degree of privacy. That makes them perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms, especially in locations in which you’re in close proximity to your neighbors.


Metal is much tougher than woods, plastics, and composites. It is also easier to clean and bends to pressure instead of cracking right away. For this reason, metal blinds are a long-lasting option that will keep on your windows for years.

Interested in Modern Precious Metal Blinds in West Palm Beach, FL?

Sophistication, privacy, and durability. That’s what you have to look forward to with the modern precious metal blinds you can find at Shades Plus.

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