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Luminettes are rapidly gaining popularity because they combine futuristic elements with a classic style without losing the more practical aspects homeowners are looking for. These blinds are a perfect compromise between the old and the new. Shades Plus has an option for every style and we can’t wait to exceed your expectations with our luminette shades.

Why Choose Luminette Shades?

Uniquely Stylish

Think of luminettes as a vertical cousin of the silhouette blinds. They offer similar benefits to vertical blinds with a beautiful sheer fabric that is available in several trendy colors. These shades are perfect for bedrooms with large windows and even large entertainment areas.

Illumination and Privacy

The beautiful see-through look of the sheer fabric allows a room to be bathed in sunlight without ever being overwhelming. But when you’re ready for some privacy, the in-built vanes in the shades simply turn to block out all views from the outside.

Smart and Functional

Not only are these shades beautiful in a seemingly simple and elegant way, but they also add much more to your home than the visual quality. These shades are smartly designed and are available in models that come with a quiet motor to operate them remotely. They can even be programmed through an application to make them open and close at your desired time of the day.

Beautify Your Home with Luminette Shades in West Palm Beach, FL!

Shades Plus wants to make you proud and excited about where you live. Luminettes are the perfect window or door treatment to bring a room together and we can help you find a color that matches your style.

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