Duettes (or ‘honeycomb’ shades) have withstood the test of time in home design because there are few other shades that offer the same stylish design and insulating properties. Duettes are excellent for any room in the house! Furthermore, our wide range of color options mean you can find one to fit your unique style. With Shades Plus, you never need to exchange style for function and our quality Duettes will back us up.

Why Choose Duette Shades for Your Home


This is by far the most popular selling-point of Duette shades. This design is made with cellular construction that leaves air pockets between the fabrics. These pockets trap hot and cold air and keep it from escaping or coming into your home. This helps to keep your temperature modulated and comfortable.


Our Duette shades offer a look to fit any style. Whether you are trying to keep things neutral or wish to be bold with your color choice, we have options for you! With one of the largest color selections, Duettes let you take ownership of a room with a sleek design that appeals to all.

Noise Reduction

Those neat little air pockets do more than save you money on your electric bill. Duettes are known to improve the acoustics of a room because they can dampen outside noise. This, of course, is highly dependent on the fabric you use but every design offers a variation of noise control.

Are You Looking for Duette Shades in West Palm Beach, Florida?

For a combination of energy-efficiency and style, you can’t go wrong with Duettes. And for the highest quality of shades and blinds, you can’t go wrong with Shades Plus.

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