If you are looking for window coverings and aren’t quite sure where to start, simply begin with quality window blinds. As opposed to shades, which are usually made from cloth or similar material, blinds are made up of slats of hard material such as plastic, wood, or even metal. Though these are usually horizontal, there are also vertical variations. At Shades Plus, we offer blind options to fit any style!

Benefits of Window Blinds


Because window blinds are made of harder materials, dust and dirt don’t get soaked into the fabric as they would with shades. This makes blinds extremely easy to clean! There is no need to scrub with any harsh chemicals. Warm water and a rag are usually enough to get dust, hair, and other debris off the blinds.

Easy Installation

Even though blinds can come in many different colors and materials, one of the most helpful qualities is its easy installation. Almost every style comes with the same bracket. This means that even if you want to change up the look from room to room, you won’t have to buy any special equipment or make extra runs to the hardware store.


Thanks to the materials blinds are made from, they tend to be more resistant to wear and tear than other options, such as shades. Hard materials don’t rip and can withstand thorough cleanings.

Are You Searching for Window Blinds in West Palm Beach, Florida?

Finding the perfect window cover that is stylish, customizable, and provides privacy can be difficult. Luckily, with Shades Plus, you won’t have to compromise quality for the right look.

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